TeamPro has a mission: To get more people playing grassroots sports, by making the management of sports teams just as fun as playing the sport.

And we've seen how many thousands of sports people value what we've created.

If you value grassroots sports, or want to get your brand in front of people involved in sports, keep reading for ways to Partner With TeamPro.

TeamPro not only has huge reach, but also operates with a specific audience, boosting the opportunities of your brand:

  • People actively involved in playing sports
  • People involved in organising sports activities and events
  • Digitally engaged individuals (Likely to feel comfertable across the web / in apps)
  • People passionate about their sport
  • Aspirational People - who want to make themselves, or the world, better
  • Regular consumers of sports / nutrition products


Whatever the size of your club or business, there is a level for you:

£2 / Mo
£5 / Mo
No Ads
Earn Money Through Sponsorships
£10 / Mo
£50 / Mo
No Ads
Earn Money Through Sponsorships
Custom Lineup Branding
Custom Site Branding


Find out more information about each of the features of our product levels:

TeamPro Lineups

Place your brand in front of thousands of TeamPro users.

You can also use the power of both TeamPro & our clubs' social media networks.